Sunday, January 05, 2014

[Depopulization] Closer Bones - Hiemal

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the cassette release of Closer Bones' Hiemal through Depopulization has been delayed for a bit. The full album is now up for streaming and digital purchase on Bandcamp.
As an added bonus, "Stark" a track from a new related project is available for free download on Soundcloud. This 10-minute track was recorded live at DH Funeral Home by one person and is comprised of feedback loops, synth, and vocals.
As the cold comes sweeping in again, I am putting the finishing touches on my first full-length. Look for the 7-track C60 arriving with the first batch from new label Depopulization by the end of the year.
The album travels through HNW, glitch, drone, power electronics, death industrial, and other genres, all keeping to the general themes of depression, loneliness, and self-realizations in the winter months.
Here are streams of two of the tracks, as a preview of the coming release. Thanks to KBT for the project's logo.
Depth Hoar Parts I & II: A labyrinthine spiritual journey in two stages. Familiar and unknown faces meld into a singular threat to sanity and body alike.
Penitente: Memories intensifying, swirling, overwhelming our thought processes. Careful examination of self leads to stark revelations, which in turn lead to complete shutdown of mind.
Depopulization is setting aside 5 copies of the release for reviewers. If you'd like a copy for review once the release is completed, please email at
Other inquiries about the label can also be directed there. PM me on here for anything else. I am currently looking for artists to do split releases with.
- Isaac T. (via Pure Stench Forums)

Artist: Closer Bones
Format: Album, 7 x File, Digital
Released: 29 December 2013

1. January Thaw - 10:48
2. Penitente - 05:52
3. Tundra Mire - 10:29
4. Medial Moraine - 02:18
5. Depth Hoar Parts 1 and 2 - 10:20
6. False Ogive - 12:35
7. End Moraine - 06:40

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