Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Feuilleton - Ectoplasm Forming (31-10-2013)

Feuilleton (John Coulthart) - Ectoplasm Forming (A mix for Halloween)

Presenting the eighth Halloween playlist, and this year I decided it was time to finally make a proper mix of my own. Reluctance in years past has been mainly a result of the time it takes me to put things like this together, hours spent pondering the order of the tracks, and fine-tuning transitions.

This year’s mix is rather heavy on the drones and eldritch atmospherics with little in the way of songs. There are some rhythms, however. I’ve also taken the opportunity to highlight the ongoing excellence of Emptyset, some of whose recordings I’ve been helping design recently. Their Medium album involved installing a quantity of electronic equipment in an allegedly haunted building, a process similar to that undertaken by the unfortunate doctor in The Legend of Hell House, albeit with better results.

01. The Legend of Hell House - Dialogue (1973)
02. Emptyset - Demiurge: Of Blackest Grain To Missive Ruin (Paul Jebanasam Variation) (2012)
03. Arne Nordheim - Solitaire (1969)
04. David Lynch - The Air Is On Fire Pt. 7 (2007)
05. Ben Frost - The Carpathians (2009)
06. The Wyrding Module - Subtemple Session II (edit) (2013)
07. :Zoviet*France: - On The Edge Of A Grain Of Sand (1996)
08. John Zorn - Lucifer Rising (2002)
09. Jarboe - A Sea Of Blood And Hollow Screaming… (2009)
10. The Haxan Cloak - Excavation (Part 1) (2013)
11. Emptyset - Medium (2012)
12. Jon Brooks - Experiments With A Medium (2011)
13. Wendy Carlos - Visitors (2005)
14. The Advisory Circle - Eyes Which Are Swelling (2007)
15. Bernard Szajner - Chant Funèbre (1981)
16. Emptyset - Function: Vulgar Display Of Power (Roly Porter Variation) (2012)

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