Thursday, March 20, 2014

[DD00054] Raum 107 - Durch Das Schwarz

Raum 107’s sophomore EP for Dark. Descent. invites you on a trip to the darkside, a lavish 31 minutes, with two epic rhythm tracks enframed by a two-part intro/outro of deep atmospheres with piercing space bleeps.
So, after “Einklang” has set the mood, one plunges into the 11 minutes of “Hass kommt von Innen”, held together by an acidic melody line which is set against 120 distorted beats per minute; en route two growling breaks not only enhance the tension but also attach additional layers of rhythmic complexity. “Durch das Schwarz” revolves around a downtempo kickdrum and emotive frequencies, when about 1/3 into its 13 minutes some unexpected space electronica - complete with vocoder vox - kick in and propel the track beyond the boundaries of our galaxy, before the EP takes a full turn back to its starting point with the short “Ausklang”. So, whether you follow Raum 107’s self-description of “satanic doomcore” or dare to call it industrial spacecore, this is a highly entertaining voyage with plenty crossover dance floor potential!

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD00054
Artist: Raum 107
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 20 March 2014
Written & Produced by Daniel Sturm
Mastering by DaGooseMusic
Design by Dark. Descent. Media & Second Eye Photography

1. Einklang - 5:15
2. Hass Kommt Von Innen - 10:47
3. Durch Das Schwarz - 12:53
4. Ausklang - 01:56

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