Thursday, April 17, 2014

[DD13055] Stan Grewzell - The Machine

With his sophomore release for Dark.Descent, Stan Grewzell forges his misfit sound: The combination of Doomcore with sparse breaks, a commanding bassdrum and unconventionally trippy sounds makes for a very unique atmosphere.
“7 Seconds Left” alternates between euphoria and paranoia, “Neuro Entertainment” does actually tickle your nerves with its subtle sounds of horror, “The Machine” is driven by a psychedelic sci-fi atmosphere and “Behind every Wall” is the probably the best out four excellent choices for the dance floor – if you dare!

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD13055
Artist: Stan Grewzell
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 17 April 2014
Written & Produced by Stephan Wagner
Mastering by
Design by Dark. Descent. Media

1. 7 Seconds - 5:29
2. Neuro Entertainment - 5:08
3. The Machine - 4:11
4. Behind Every Wall - 4:16

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