Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decadans - The Gospel According To Aŋra Mainiiu (17-04-2014)

The history behind this mix is that a few weeks ago, some friends challenged me to make on the occasion of our annual Passion Party a mix, to outrival all dark music played over there till now.
Not easily defeated, this resulted in "The Gospel according to Aŋra Mainiiu", a most nefarious mix of songs, highly inspired by the intention to counterbalance the music commonly aired around Easter.
- Decadans (17th April 2014)

01. Vladimír Hirsch - Horae (Organ Concerto No.2), Part VII
02. Horologium - Faustus
03. The Angelic Process - Welcome To Oblivion
04. Janaza - Arise
05. Nordvargr - Tordön
06. Hildegard Von Bingen - Sed Diabolus
07. Svartsinn & Dahlia's Tear - Torchbearer, Kill The Light
08. MZ.412 - Satan Jugend
09. Agios O Baphomet - Satanic Chant Of The O9A
10. Calva Y Nada - Profanación
11. MZ.412 - Deklaration Of Holy War
12. Kerovnian - Litany Of A Lonely Corpse
13. Ordo Equilibrio - Walpurgisnacht In The Grotto. Dancing With Lilith
14. Ah Cama-Sotz - Poison II Hydrocyanic
15. Elend - The Luciferian Revolution

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