Monday, July 21, 2014

[EQCL69] Whi†e Ceiling - P L Ʌ S † ☰ Я. [ᴇᴅ]

P L Ʌ S † ☰ Я. [ᴇᴅ] is the soundtrack for your nightmares, Whi†e Ceiling haunts us with each track of this 12 track album, each song being a story of a black and white motion film 80's horror film. It's dark, intense, bizarre and ironic, a beautiful spine freezing album.

Denzi (†ENEBRÆ) / Instinto Assassino:
Instinto Assassino will bring you the thrill to kill… or be killed. The ambient of this song all the throw you in a dark, humid place… may it be a a humid room, with the smell of mold, as if in a game of the Jigsaw, or an italian port in a dark wet night with the reflecting lights of the street on the floor, this amazing duo is sure to bring the chills to ya bones...

Matthew Sky (Ghostling) / Kung Fu Movie:
I enjoy the intro. The dialogue intrigues me. I am there now. As the beat kicks in. Then I get a feeling I'm witnessing some type of dark... cult... ritual. Possibly involving snakes and animal sacrifices. Some force is present and entrancing others. Making them sway in a hypnotic trance. Candles are burning. Bring that beat back!...and I drag.

Label: ≡quilateral Records
Cat#: EQCL69
Artist: Whi†e Ceiling (W H I † E)
Format: Album, 12 x File, Digital
Released: 21 July 2014

01. De Los Insectos (Lullabye Mix) - 3:00
02. Kung Fu Movie - 3:25
03. Firey Backstory (ft. Michael Evan King) - 3:59
04. White Gold - 4:14
05. Betrayal - 3:30
06. Instinto Assassino - 4:47
07. Maddening - 3:07
08. Lost Vegas - 4:15
09. Spirits Of Imaginary Friends - 3:36
10. In The Monastery - 5:14
11. The Honored Child - 3:53
12. Appetetite - 3:33

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