Tuesday, July 22, 2014

N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s - The History of Щ¡†ch ҤФus€: Lesson 2 (20-07-2014)

Nightmares and 808s - The History of Щ¡†ch ҤФus€ [Lesson 2] (Year 2011) 20th July 2014

"I present to you the second part of my history of witch house. As always I am very thankful to have such a loyal cult following. The fans help push me to where I am today. Through all the shares, comments, and encouragement it really keeps me going. Im glad to be able to provide you with one of the best outlets to find witch house and other unique dark music. These artist give there life, blood and souls to put out these sick tunes and Its been an amazing journey thus far. This year has been unbelievable its been a lot of hard work but I wont stop and there will be more exciting things to come. Follow me on facebook to stay updated."

1. ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖİŞŢ - Precious Stone
2. (o)†hers - S/He's Coming
3. Skeleton Kids ft. Zombelle - Blk Nyt
4. Teehn Bwitches - Illuminati Princess
5. Gvcci Hvcci - Queen Of Darkness
6. CVL† SH‡† - ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ
7. M‡яc▲ll▲ - ▲ЦηĦ‡ηgΞď▲
8. Ω╪Ω (Sycorax) - B∆kunin illumin∆ti (demo​[​n] vers)
9. Strange Powers - Surfing The Zuvuya

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