Thursday, July 24, 2014

[SOP 025-1314] Cannibal7 - Daemon Infection

Unbelievable but true, this is the very first release ever by this producer from Argentina, featuring four strong techno tracks with an industrial austerity and oppressive atmosphere. The title track takes its time with a rolling groove before launching an eerie sound signal, “Martyr” assaults with tribal contortion, “Mentally Aggressive” is fuzzy and aggro on the bass and “Suffocation” should do the dance floors for good with its screeching leitmotif. Demonic and infectious, addictive and irresistible

Label: Spirit Of Progress
Cat#: SOP 025-1314
Artist: Cannibal7
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 24 July 2014
Written & Produced by Andy Marilungo
Design & Mastering by DDM

1. Daemon Infection - 7:31
2. Martyr - 6:25
3. Mentally Aggressive - 6:22
4. Suffocation - 7:35

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