Thursday, July 24, 2014

[ZUUR002] Low Entropy - Take Off

The actually legendary Low Entropy continues the Dark. Descent. Acid subdivison with two slow tracks oozing with nostalgia, taking its clues from a time when techno was just a young offspring of industrial, EBM and acid house: “Take Off (Let’s Go)” revolves around a steady pounding beat, with acid bleeps, space atmospheres and an apocalyptic rant, and “Shiny Squares” features a minimal electro melody to die for. Very analogue and massive sounding, this is reminiscent of the likes of Clock DVA or Absolute Body Control, a concise history lesson!

Label: Zuur
Cat#: ZUUR002
Artist: Low Entropy
Format: Single, 2 x File, Digital
Released: 24 July 2014
Written & Produced by Sönke Möhl
Mastering by Low Entropy
Design by DDM

1. Take Off (Let's Go) - 7:14
2. Shiny Squares - 9:11

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