Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[DD13059] X-Core - Rovdyr

Industrial hardcore veteran X-Core returns with his third EP for Dark.Descent, holding three original tracks plus four remixes of the title track for good measure and proper value. The opener “Loaded” featuring the mighty Moleculez is a bouncing rhythm noise track with a compelling sample hook, “Kolden Och Morkret” and “Rovdyr” then add a surprising depth and atmosphere to the gaps and spaces in between. Bonus remixes come from long-time collaborator Dr. Strange (intensely rhythmic with an acid vibe), AnTraxid (eerie doomcore style), Soulkeeper (technoid experimental minimal) and Traumatic’s finest Xaero (stop-and-go doom to drive you berserk). A diverse package for you!

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD13059
Artist: X-Core
Format: EP, 7 x File, Digital
Released: 24 September 2014
Written & Prodced by Frans Johan Björk
Mastered by DaGooseMusic
Designed by Dark. Descent. Media

1. Moleculez & Heroics - Loaded - 6:41
2. X-Core - Kolden Och Morkret - 6:02
3. X-Core - Rovdyr - 7:20
4. X-Core - Rovdyr (Dr. Strange Remix) - 5:05
5. X-Core - Rovdyr (Antraxid's I Skyggen Remix) - 8:46
6. X-Core - Rovdyr (Soulkeeper Remix) - 4:31
7. X-Core - Rovdyr (Seek, Raid & Kill Remix by Xaero) - 5:00

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