Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[SOP 026-1314] Threatening Developments - Das Treibgut Der Geschichte

New German talent Threatening Developments presents his 2nd release which takes its clues from the classic PCP sound but appears very roomy and modern. “Das Treibgut der Geschichte” (the flotsam of history) is midtempo techno with lots of atmosphere; the Scandinavian track titles evoke adequate images of glaciers and snow-covered wind-swept landscapes. Historical awareness is implied in the title, and really this draws from generations of techno music, starting with new beat and going all the way to the Berghain sound. An inbred melancholia is omnipresent in this music, far from headstrong though, a very enjoyable and physical experience with pulses and compulsive beats closing in on you. Float with it!

Label: Spirit Of Progress
Cat#: SOP 026-1314
Artist: Threatening Developments
Format: EP, 6 x file, Digital
Released: 24 September 2014
Written & Produced by Threatening Developments
Mastering by DaGooseMusic
Design by Dark. Descent. Media

1. Drømmefanger - 5:56
2. Lysformen - 6:30
3. Fjellhammer - 5:18
4. Månenbrann - 6:00
5. Tåkeriken - 5:56
6. Drømmefanger (Mareritt Mix) - 6:10

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