Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[TRM-EP-005] Diffuse - The Curse

Diffuse is a new alias for Japanese producer Engage Blue, who debuts with an almost album-length EP for Traumatic. “The Curse” is dominated by slow and pounding beats alright, with an amount of distortion that is considerably higher than doomcore standard. Those rhythmic chunks contrast with a dark ambient backdrop (rather than warm and melodic pads) and very sparse samples, making for a captivating, almost goth atmosphere running like a common thread through these 40 minutes. “The Curse” stands solid proof that Traumatic is there to push the genre!

Label: Traumatic
Cat#: TRM-EP-005
Artist: Diffuse
Format: EP, 6 x file, Digital
Released: 24 September 2014
Written & Produced by Yosuke Hamada
Mastering by Enrico Stade
Design by Kevin Robbens

1. Neglect Your Life - 7:43
2. Until Only One Survived - 6:14
3. Reconstruction - 7:32
4. Subsidence - 5:56
5. Incarnation - 6:33
6. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - 6:02

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