Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[DD13061] The Fallen - Protective Angels

With only his 2nd release ever, this producer delivers an industrial EP as tight as it gets, with bouncing technoid beats, effective breaks, the occasional sample, angelic choirs and a slight dose of distortion of course.
The four tracks are all of a piece, so it will be a matter of personal choice (and your preferred tempo) which one to launch on the dance floors thus inclined – or just enjoy the entire 25 minute gush of “Protective Angels”!

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD13061
Artist: The Fallen (Mental Disorder)
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 23 October 2014
Writted & Produced by Tamás Bencsik
Mastering by DaGooseMusic
Design by Dark. Descent. Media

1. The Tower Guards - 6:08
2. The Authority Of Angels - 5:52
3. Sinister Signals - 5:57
4. Between The Darkness And The Light - 7:00

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