Sunday, October 05, 2014

Graphplan - The Dream Sequence Podcast 01 (28-09-2014)

The Dream Sequence Podcast 01 (28th September 2014)

Krisztian Vasas also known as Graphplan, a Serbian musician, sound artist and an avid music collector which lives and studies in Subotica.
He discovered contemporary electronic music and gradually immersed into more complex, diverse sounds generated by ‘machines’. Krisztian began to study their constructions and wanted to figure out their whole structure.
After these researches he began to use various softwares for music production. Two years ago after a long educational period he started his musical activity under the current guise. Since then he contributed few mixes to different music magazines and blogs.
300AD (a Norwegian label) released his production on a cassette alongside with other great artist, which was represented at the exhibition “Fremtidskongressen #2: AUX” in Spriten Kunsthall (Norway) curated by Josefine Lyche and Henrik Pask.
Recently he was invited by famous Belgian Fondation Sonore label to play in their #8 event in Brussels.
Since then he started "Farewell, Forever". It is a series based on different kinds of experimental and contemporary music, which advertises music as a form of art.

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