Sunday, November 16, 2014

Slario - Dark Days Ahead (15-11-2014)

You emerge from the shelter into the dim light of an overcast day, and look around for the first time since the disaster.
The world as you knew it is gone and in its place, a twisted mockery of all that was once familiar.
Everything was cast aside in that frantic race for the shelter. You have no food, nothing to drink, no weapons. Nothing but your ingenuity and the fierce determination to survive against appalling odds.
A grim prospect faces you. Perhaps worse even than the nightmares of last night, when you were tortured by dreams of the dead themselves rising to jealously tear life from the living.
You cast your eyes up the road and begin to walk towards a house in the far distance. Things may be bad right now, but you've got a sinking feeling that there are darker days ahead.

Slario - Dark Days Ahead (15th November 2014)

01. Asbaar - Forgotten Equinox
02. Apócrýphos - A Lonely Structure In Ithaca Chasma
03. Phaenon - Disturbed Surface (Sharp Remix)
04. The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Gliese 518 G
05. Paranoia Inducta - Apokatastasis
06. Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Hidden Refuge
07. Cryobiosis - The Faceless
08. Chaotic Inflation - Farthest Journey
09. Worms Of The Earth - Drawing The Twelve Sigils Of Set-Heh
10. Bunk Data - Eyes Burned With Anguish

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