Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Morvranh - Life Is A Prison

Morvranh is a dark ambient project from Handlová, Slovakia founded by Michal Polgár.
Morvranh, from original Morfran is brittonic mythical warrior associated with ravens and crows. Project is focused on deep and atmospheric music. This music gives to a listener strong feeling of isolation, melancholy and takes you to mystical journey to darker depths of human soul. In some songs there are used industrial sounds too.
Project was created in 2014 as an expression of artist's feelings and thoughts.
Life Is A Prison is second album from Morvranh. It contains 7 tracks, and several of them have occult background. Also you can find here recorded ritual with modified vocals. Except ritual music "Life is a Prison" hides dark atmosphere, industrial or distorted sounds and some kind of misantrophic art. Enjoy.

Artist: Morvranh
Format: Album, 7 x File, Digital
Released: 02 December 2014

1. Florena - 3:50
2. Father, I Have Sinned - 5:23
3. The Conjuration of Ia Adu En I - 4:25
4. Broken God - 4:13
5. Seeking - 5:37
6. Unholy Ritual - 6:03
7. Living In The Guts Of White Rabbit - 4:33

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