Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Abjection Ritual - Psychiatric Failures

'The follow-up to the well received self titled Abjection Ritual debut was inspired by mental illness, past and present abuses within institutions, the letters of Antonin Artaud, and the early anti-psychiatry movement. As I alluded to in my review of the first CD, Abjection Ritual is perhaps the definitive new force in American death industrial / power electronics, and the 7 tracks here only solidify that; grim constructions that alternate between being hyper violent and explosive to more bleak arrangements of nauseating electronics and radioactive waste, with a vocal delivery that just ramps things up to impossible levels of intensity. Tightly focused, perfectly executed, and about as good as anything you're bound to hear all year..

Artist: Abjection Ritual
Format: Album, 7 x File, Digital / CDR
Released: 06 January 2015

1. Psychotropic Communion - 4:39
2. Cursed Receptor - 6:56
3. Anti-Psychiatry - 5:57
4. Beyond Weights And Measures - 3:34
5. Traversing Bedlam - 5:01
6. Black Box Abuse - 5:48
7. To Silence That Which Plagues Me - 8:45

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