Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[SER0010] Voidscream - Cadaverous Bloom

Scared Evil Records Proudly Present's the 3rd. Album by Voidscream named Cadaverous Bloom!! prepare yourself for 10 trippy tales through the weird worlds of Voidscream!
Since his last release “Chasing Ghosts” in 2013 Voidscream played alround the country aside acts as dark whisper, ogun, dsompa, HGichT and many more…
Through this period he achieved tons of new musical experiences and heard very different approaches to a banging sound in a huge variety of genres.
So on his latest album “Cadaverous Bloom” he combines modern dark psy-trance with different approaches of hard pumping music (Hardcore DnB, Rhythmic Noise, IDM and Breakcore to name a few).
Two songs (“Loam Lion” & “Pernicious Deed”) feature his good friend and excellent music producer Delp, which complents the Voidscream sound with his layered soundscapes perfectly. After mastering his album Antagon got involved in the Voidscream project and marked the track “Abrupt Decay” with his characteristic sound!

Label: Scared Evil Records
Cat#: SER0010
Artist: Voidscream
Format: Album, 10 x File, Digital
Released: 12 April 2015
Mastered by Anomalistic Records
Artwork by Kentaro Kanamoto

01. Alter Reality - 7:54
02. Loam Lion (vs. Delp) - 7:12
03. Chalice Of The Void - 7:09
04. Deathrite Shaman - 7:16
05. Dismember - 7:06
06. Abrupt Decay (ft. Antagon) - 7:11
07. Hypnotic Specter - 6:10
08. All Is Dust - 7:19
09. Agent Of The Fates - 7:18
10. Pernicious Deed (vs. Delp) - 6:40

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