Friday, June 12, 2015

[Kall2] Embrionyc - Hymenoptera

Kallkällan continues his conquest! And this time we have some famous support for you!
Hailing from the dilapidated industrial facilities of the german Ruhrarea, no one less than Embrionyc interrupts his slumber to arise from his tomb and hit us with a massive four track EP.

The first track "Apiformes" takes us deep in to the abandoned mines. The icy, monotoneous synthline turns the temperature near zero and the human body becomes sluggish as he walks through the tunnels to find an exit. Addled by gases leaking out of old and rusty pipes, the body starts halucinating. Is there somebody? Am I exist? I wanted to rest. For seven minutes. No time for a rest. I need to go on. I can't. I am lost.
"Bombus" takes us on a journey starting in the late 19th century when the Ruhrarea was coined by agriculture. Intending to reach a more important role in economics, you start to rethink. And finally, with the beginning of the 20th century, you reach the goal. The ironworks running at full blast, the coal mines devours deep in the rocks of the area and showing their dominace with a massive shaft towers. Smoke! Metal on metal! Trubel! Satisfaction! Trains and ships full of coal and metal! Everything works like a clockwork! No one ever thought this happiness could ever end. But finally, you are disappointed when the good times are over. And you feel guilty, because you can't handle the restructuring.
"Vespa Crabro" takes us to the inner city highways of the Ruhrarea. Driving along the Ruhr Fast Way, it start's raining. Blinded by the lights of accomdating vehicles, you try to keep track. Everyone seems in a hurry. You try to concentrate. The sheet avalanche blazes a trail through the city like a nation of leaf-cutting ants singing the song of their people. Just six and a half minutes more and you are home. Hopefully.
"Vespula Vulgaris" is like the sound of an eternal coal fire. You try to extinguish the flames but they go on with their hypnotic war dance, worshipping the air they need to breath. Black smoke fills your lungs and you have to cough heavily. Losing control over your body, you stare into this massive bonfire. And in the distance... sirens.

Label: Kallkällan
Cat#: Kall2
Artist: Embrionyc
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 12 June 2015
Written, Produced & Mastered by Enrico Stade
Artwork by Second.Eye.Design

1. Apiformes - 7:17
2. Bombus - 9:17
3. Vespa Crabro - 6:31
4. Vespula Vulgaris - 7:02

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