Tuesday, August 25, 2015

N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s - The History Of Щ¡†ch ҤФus€: Lesson 4 (25-08-2015)

"This is probly my favorite history mix that I've done in the series. I was listening to these songs constantly when I first got into the scene and before I started this channel. There are a few songs here that werent released in 2013 but I had to include them in the set for fear of being left out. There were several songs I missed in the other mixes which is unfortunate. This will most likely the last of the history lessons as 2014 is when my channel really took off and everyone thats been a die hard fan should be up to date on all the songs that were decent; most of which Ive uploaded already. Its possible to do a remix video to include those missed songs but the release date on that is unknown at this point. Thanks to everyone who has been following the series and I hope you enjoy the selections and mixing."
Nightmares and 808s

01. (((O))) - Death March
02. †▼BF▼CK - BI†CH M▼ST DIΣ
04. †GR▲VEL† - ProclΔ\m/ΔtioN
05. Cathedrals - Ocean Charity
06. Sidewalks and Skeletons - Purify
07. River Bones - Tyrant
08. Mugl - Ne Otdam
09. nullse† - Virtual Torment
10. Rv1nbxvv - Stranger
11. OKKVLT KɅTT - Eyes Of Utopia
12. GL▲SS †33†H ft. Λ - Pony
13. Bad America - Slaves

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