Sunday, February 14, 2016

Morvranh - The Abstraction Of Life

Fourth published album "The Abstraction of Life" is quite different than the previous ones. The path to Darkness is painted from the uneasy feelings you can experience in the deeper states of mind and what most of dark ambient listeners know well. From ritual moods, desperation and isolation, through weird sounds telling a stories your psyché can identify.
The digital download includes artworks not published yet and bonus video of music making for a bit of entertainment.

Artist: Morvranh
Format: Album, 5 x File, Digital
Released: 14 February 2016
Composed by Michal Polgár

1. Gripir's Prophecy - 5:34
2. Lonely Nights - 7:10
3. Dance Of The Satyrs - 5:14
4. Grief - 5:49
5. Strangers Crossing - 6:24

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