Wednesday, April 06, 2016

[REDSP14] Omkara - To Reclaim What Is Mine

Omkara reclaims what is his with the second of two mini albums for the Red Fever Special Series, and he gives some sound arguments for his case: Six galvanizing tracks that feature an unmistakably darkcore sound that has yet a lot of appeal across the genre boundaries.
Muscular beats around the 160 bpm mark, eerie screeches and sinister samples – the foundation of all tracks on “To Reclaim What’s Mine” is the trademark Omkara brutality; but he adds some unexpected features: All tracks are rich with melodies and beam with a warm bass sound, turning them into multi-purpose dance floor weapons. Among all the havoc you might even discover subground quotes or drumstep style breaks – just listen closely. Staying well clear of a mainstream sound, Omkara manages to propose to the larger crowd nevertheless with this production!

Label: Red Fever Recordings
Cat#: REDSP14
Artist: Omkara
Format: EP, 6 x File, Digital
Released: 30 March 2016
Written & Produced by Willem Warry

1. Feel My Wrath - 5:20
2. Lilium - 6:11
3. Make Us Whole Again - 5:09
4. Divine Glory - 6:23
5. Poison Factory - 5:04
6. To Reclaim What Is Mine - 5:31

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