Wednesday, June 01, 2016

[DD13077] Stan Grewzell - Following Signals

German artist Stan Grewzell returns two years after his last EP for Dark. Descent. – which still frequently features in various playlists, hence a lot of people should be expecting this. Again, his production defies genre boundaries and trends and instead goes for a unique, tripping combination of dark hardcore sounds with energetic techno drive.

The sci-fi themed “Mutantenmaschine” bangs the drums of doom, while “Voltage” echoes with a subtle EBM sequence, the thumping “Bot” outspeeds the bpm range of the rest of the tracks and “Array of Gates” makes for a superbly melodic finale. Industrial techno and hardcore in an unorthodox balance, following these signals is highly recommended!

Label: Dark. Descent.
Cat#: DD13055
Artist: Stan Grewzell
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 06 June 2016
Written & Produced by Stephan Wagner
Mastering by Dark. Descent. Media
Designed & Marketed by Room 23 Music

1. Mutantenmaschine - 4:59
2. Voltage - 4:14
3. Bot - 4:39
4. Array Of Gates - 4:04

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