Thursday, June 16, 2016

[TRM-EP-019] Hypoxic - Silent Reality

Hypoxic’s sophomore release for Traumatic takes the trademark aspects of the debut to a higher level: More cinematic, more eclectic – and actually yielding more club appeal along the way, albeit in the low bpm range.
Opening with luscious pads and sounds of nature, “Never” envelops the listener in contemplation, before “Leaving” touches a more desperate subject matter – and uses aggravating amounts of distortion to express unease. The title track features the helping hands of Mel Agony, and turns out a solemn, majestic doomcore hymn, bursting with detail and authenticity. “Petrichor”, the scent of rain bedewing dry soil, relates to the rest of the tracks in the use of melodies and samples, but brings in a sturdy kick like a purifying shower.
One for the dreamers, for those who perceive the silent reality!

Label: Traumatic
Cat#: TRM-EP-019
Artist: Hypoxic
Format: EP, 4 x File, Digital
Released: 30 June 2016
Written & Produced by Richard Holmes
Mastering by Enrico Stade
Design by Kevin Robbens

1. Never - 7:57
2. Leaving - 5:47
3. Silent Reality (ft. Mel Agony) - 7:48
4. Petrichor - 4:56

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