Friday, August 19, 2016

[Cryo Chamber] Metatron Omega - Sanctum

Metatron Omega returns with his second album out of Serbia on Cryo Chamber. Dark gothic choirs, ritual drone and archaic atmospheres strives to enlighten the listener on this esoteric Dark Ambient album.
Recommended for those wanting to explore the soundscapes of Majestic Cathedrals, Sacral Monasteries, Secret Orders and Occult Rituals.

Label: Cryo Chamber
Artist: Metatron Omega
Format: Album, 6 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 16 August 2016
Produced, Performed & Writted by Scorpio V
Artwork by Scorpio V & Simon Heath
Cover Photography by Peter Van Der Velde
Mastering by Simon Heath

1. Transductio - 09:15
2. In Search Of Lost Wisdom - 08:02
3. Cultus - 08:22
4. Trinitas - 12:55
5. The Eastern Star - 10:52
6. Sanctum - 07:18

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