Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[TumorLP92] Phragments - All Towers Must Fall

Ships July 6th! The all new, fifth full-length album of Phragments is unmistakably dark ambient in nature, yet the overall feeling of the songs is more industrial this time. Moving a step further into harsher territory, "All Towers Must Fall" brings together dark ambience, heavily treated field recordings, classical instruments and also analogue synths, all echoing with orchestral grandeur. Phragments still follow a rather abstract and minimalist path, but this time the compositions have a touch of subtle chaos. With the atmosphere ranging from brooding to menacing, “All Towers Must Fall” is a gripping journey through desolate darkness, a gaze into the endless abyss.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorLP92
Artist: Phragments
Formats: EP, 6 x File, Digital / Vinyl
Released: 27 June 2016
Composed, Arranged & Recorded from 2013 to 2015 by Phragments (Matej Gyarfas)
Mastered byJohn Stillings at Steel Hook Audio
Cover design by Nenad Branković (Nenbra)

1. All Towers Must Fall - 7:19
2. The Iron Well - 9:04
3. The Fire Still Burns - 6:40
4. Withdrawal - 6:53
5. Defiance - 7:17
6. Into Nothing - 6:51

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