Thursday, September 15, 2016

[ZUUR010] Low Entropy - Really Into This Space Stuff

ZUUR regular Low Entropy assures us he's really into this space stuff - well, we sure know that from his previous, epic excursions.
Not that we enjoy the 14-minute-trip of the title track any less for that, with all those warm bleeps, haunting vocal samples, deep atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms keeping the tension high.
The B-side is misleadingly called "Techno Stomper", but the sleazy performance of American vocalist Countess M. turns this into a massive dark electro clash hit.
Travel the earwormhole!

Label: Zuur
Cat#: ZUUR010
Artist: Low Entropy
Format: EP, 2 x File, Digital
Released: 28 September 2016
Written & Produced by Sönke Moehl
Mastering & Design by Dark. Descent. Media
Marketed by Room 23 Music

1. Low Entropy - Really Into This Space Stuff - 13:51
2. Low Entropy ft. Countess M - Techno Stomper (Vocal Mix) - 10:19

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