Monday, November 14, 2016

[A/LC001] Affectvs & Lamia Culta - Homines Sacerrimi

Homines Sacerrimi - this is a Legacy of the Devil, an awakened Hell in the hearts of those devoted to Darkness. We are the Living Gates of Inferno on the earth.
This release marked the beginning of the occult project - Corona Barathri [AFFECTVS & Lamia Culta].
This opus is a mirror reflection - the cult ritual practice of Satan's Priesthood and can be used as an auxiliary material for the descent into the depths of Gehinnom...
Dark Revelations trickle through the sound canvases, Anthracite Crystal will be embedded into the hands of the Faithful to Diabolus.

The Opus I - here are affected several aspects of the Black Faith:
Amazarak - Father of the Plague, The Devil of Pestilence , Fallen Angel Bearing Death with his black breathing.
Ventus Mortuus - is a pest, the Wind, carrying curse to all existence.
Mysterium Tremendum - this Mystery held by black witches in Great Sabbath - Walpurgis night, a fiery mystery of Communion with the Spirit and power of Satan, the beginning of the season of hunt for human souls.
Malefica - the Curse to Adam's tribe.
Matre Malvm - Queen of the Night, Mother of Witches and Goddess of Shadows.
In Tenebris - is a hymn of the Devil`s Church, a dive into the transcendent Darkness.
Te Diabolum Laudamus - praising of the Devil and Evil Forces and The Eternal Night of the world.

Darkness - by the eyes of Her children.
Darkness - by voices of Her loyals.
Ave Nigrior Pater!
Ave Regina Inferna!

Label: Noctivagant
Cat#: A/LC001
Artists: Affectvs / Lamia Culta
Format: Album, 8 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 14 November 2016
In recording participated: Ayzen Kaoz [Nahemoth] - acoustic
Guitar & Kein [Sol Mortuus] - mandolin

1. Amazarak (Father Ov The Plague) - 06:19
2. Ventus Mortuus - 06:29
3. Mysterium Tremendum - 08:21
4. Malefica - 07:33
5. Mummu Tiamat (ft. Ayzen Kaoz) - 12:07
6. Matre Malvm - 12:07
7. In Tenebris (Hymnvs Ecclesia Diaboli) - 12:13
8. Te Diabolum Laudamus (ft. Melek-Tha, Kein) - 09:09

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