Monday, November 14, 2016

[XAO004] Xao - Serpentribe Mythology

From the moment of awakening that took place during my childhood, until now, I have traveled the road of many experiences, through Kriya Yoga, Buddhism, Occult Kabbalah, Chaos Magick, Thelema, Luciferianism, Taoism... The sum of all the experiences I got to the oldest worship, which is the worship of the Sun and Sirius, manifested through a system of magic Xa ,', Oz.
However, I try to look at the mirror source and based on the vision to create the mythology of the serpent tribe.

Label: Noctivagant
Cat#: XAO004
Artist: Xao
Format: Album, 8 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 14 November 2016

1. The Crowned Serpent Child Opus II - 09:12
2. The Orgasmadrone - 06:53
3. Serpentribe Opus II - 09:04
4. The Crowned Serpent Child Opus III - 12:24
5. Via Darkness Into The Light - 16:20
6. Serpentribe Opus III - 07:58
7. Mechanism Of Spirituality - 04:24
8. Immanentize The Eschaton - 13:14

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