Monday, January 16, 2017

[Black Mara] Paul Minesweeper - Last Frontier

"Last Frontier" is quality and interesting mix of primitive ethnic musical instruments (harp, drums, kangling, etc.) with drone/dark ambient.

All the grief I burned. Their caption,
Moments' lie, and promises' rattle -
I broke, destroyed. The hoist of dust,
And fall to ground in bloody prattle.

The way to father's home is gone,
Beloved one's love and cry - a groan,
It does not hurt, it does not burn...
Ahead - I see the abyss' throne.

It sounds between all the worlds,
What's in the circle of wanderings melt.
Out of nothing - born again,
Going from nothing - the fable tales end.

And I will whisper: take this corpse
Rip his raw flesh, make lumps float
And hide away, he has no choice
Hide under night-soil - gasping throat.

Bones' prison, the cell of their flesh -
Spill, scatter into sea of lones.
Pluck only mind, where stars will smash.
To their glacial, endless dawns.

The Last Frontier. Open the bliss.
Steps on the boundaries of dying abyss.

M. Gidlevskiy

Label: Black Mara Records
Artist: Paul Minesweeper
Formats: Album, 10 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 10 January 2017
Design & Artwork by Victory Petera
Bass jaw harp - estonian bass parmupill, made by Priit Moppel
Regular jaw harp - tatarisch big "kubyz", made by Timur Vahitov
Some vocals are used for sub-bass.
Also some old field recordings from Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation are used.
"Big thanks to Arktau Eos, Velehentor and Saaad for their inspirational sonic research."

01. Clarions Of Arrival - 05:09
02. Siren - 09:55
03. Icebound - 08:20
04. Farewell - 06:58
05. Solid Heaven - 05:18
06. Oculatory - 07:53
07. Dissolve Me - 07:45
08. Nomad Amongst Stars - 10:44
09. Last Frontier - 06:08
10. Beyond - 06:52

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