Thursday, January 26, 2017

[DI.XVII] Paranoid Movement - Sequence 01

Dark Industry regular Gerard Bakker uses the dark months to unleash his newest creation: After just one compilation track (on Xtematic’s Xernex label) his doomstep project Paranoid Movement goes fullength. Along with schizophrenic collaborations with himself (i.e. Broken Mind and As The End Nears) you’ll find Croatia’s busy bee Xtematic contributing sounds, as well as remixes by Dark Industry label mates Syk2ne and Frenk Dublin. “Sequence 01” is over an hour of short, concise downbeat pieces with a thick layer of industrial gloom and a dismaying atmosphere.

The basic ingredients of “Sequence 01” are a haunting dark ambience, an erratic rhythmic backbone and amorphous bass lines, complemented with sparse vocal samples of misanthropic content. The collaboration pieces mostly display reduced rhythms, pushing the narrative quality of Paranoid Movement’s tunes even further. Everything sounds like it was made from one mould, with a subtle, yet compelling build-up, until in “As The Light Leaves Her Eyes” the lonely melodic line finally pushes the listener’s imagination into the filthy abyss of psyche. From there, the resonating halfstep rhythms and wobble bass take over, before the remixes cater for diversion: Frenk Dublin brings in XXL dub reverbs, and Syk2ne provides a full-on drumstep banger. Fade out with the ambient washes of the outro, and notice that you are not the same person you were before.

Label: Dark Industry
Artist: Paranoid Movement
Format: Album, 15 x File, Digital
Released: 15 February 2017
Written & Produced by Gerard Bakker
Designed & Mastered by R23 / Room 23 Music

01. Paranoid Movement - In The Beginning - 2:47
02. Paranoid Movement - Evil Within - 3:32
03. Paranoid Movement - Below - 5:02
04. Paranoid Movement & As The End Nears - Heretic - 4:06
05. Paranoid Movement & Broken Mind - Boilingpoint - 4:07
06. Paranoid Movement - The Rise - 4:10
07. Paranoid Movement & Xtematic - Echo's Of Worlds Come And Gone - 5:12
08. Paranoid Movement - As The Light Leaves Her Eyes - 4:24
09. Paranoid Movement - The Foretelling - 4:30
10. Paranoid Movement - Malicious - 4:18
11. Paranoid Movement - Isolation - 4:15
12. Paranoid Movement - Isolation (Same Story Different View Version by Broken Mind) - 4:19
13. Paranoid Movement - As The Light Leaves Her Eyes (Frenk Dublin Remix) - 5:39
14. Paranoid Movement - As the Light Leaves Her Eyes (Frenk Dublin Remix) - 5:01
15. Paranoid Movement - The Things We Leave Behind - 3:02

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