Saturday, February 11, 2017

[TumorCD100] Human Larvae - Behind Blinding Light

CD re-issue of Human’s Larvae’s Behind Blinding Light LP published on Freak Animal earlier in 2016. "Born from the ashes of Broken Diode, Germany's Human Larvae first made an appearance with the “Home is Where the Hurt Is” full length on Existence Establishment in 2008. A series of tapes and comp appearances followed, as well as the second full length, 2013’s Womb Worship. Early works were already strong and skillfully arranged, but each release showed a progression and maturation in sound, culminating in the brilliance that is Behind Blinding Light. Human Larvae’s ability to incorporate and balance more aggressive passages of junk metal clangor, swarming distortion, and ferocious vocals with hopelessly bleak and gloomy atmospheres immediately sets them apart from anything else in the scene today, though reference points can be made to Gnawed, IRM, Grunt, and Theologian. On a whole, Behind Blinding Light stands on its own as a recording of great depth and compositional expertise, and can be regarded as a benchmark recording of pure and true industrial music.

Label: Malignant Records
Cat#: TumorCD100
Artist: Human Larvae
Format: EP, 6 x File, Digital / CD
Released: 20 November 2016

1. Paradigm Shift - 04:35
2. Severing Sirens - 09:37
3. Isolation Of The Stain - 03:46
4. Psychosis - 05:55
5. Epiphany - 10:02
6. Exit Elend - 02:42

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