Friday, April 14, 2017

[MRAK-004] Various Artists - King In The Thicket

Jana Komaritsa is a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in the United States.
Jana has been involved in the underground art scene for many years now, taking part in various events in Russia and abroad, from major festivals to experimental shows. The artist uses various mediums, from fine arts and visuals to music, performance, and body art. She is known for her dark-industrial music project Darkrad and her activities under the moniker DJ JanaDark.
Inner psychosis, strong emotions, metaphysics and supernatural – these are the main topics of the artist. The art of Jana Komaritsa is an ocean of feelings from the somber corners of the sub consciousness, never suppressing emotions, but sharpening them to a sometimes frightening peak.

“King in the Thicket” is the first book by Jana Komaritsa. This is a compilation of short stories - grim fairy tales from the world beyond. It creates a reality where there is no rational flow of life, where time sucks one in a vicious funnel of dark and wicked. She is playing with the surreal worlds, strengthened by a vivid imagination, while capturing the unknown, both frightening and alluring.
The book was illustrated by the author and comes with a music compilation with exclusive tracks from prominent industrial and dark ambient artists: Apócrýphos, Capsular, Darkrad, Dirk Geiger, Flint Glass, Frl. Linientreu, Iszoloscope, T_error 404, Torn From Beyond and Worms of the Earth. The music from these artists creates an emotional landscape and sets a mood which compliments the atmosphere of the book.

Label: Mrakmur
Cat#: MRAK-004
Format: V/A Compilation, 10 x file, Digital / CDr
Released: 14 April 2017
Mastered by Mirko Hentrich
Artwork by Jana Komaritsa (Darkrad)

01. Dirk Geiger - Beyond Control - 08:19
02. Flint Glass - Endless World - 06:00
03. Capsular - Subvert - 04:49
04. Darkrad - Black Mask - 04:08
05. Frl. Linientreu - A Bird On The Bough - 03:05
06. Iszoloscope - Knee Deep In The Thicket - 02:36
07. Torn From Beyond - Son Of The Wood - 09:38
08. Worms Of The Earth - SVNGLS - 06:22
09. Apócrýphos - What The Moon Brings... - 07:53
10. T_error 404 - Bon Interface - 15:55

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