Tuesday, May 23, 2017

[ROD08] The Mover, Minimum Syndicat, The Hacker, Umwelt - Rave Or Die 08

French imprint Rave Or Die inaugurates its first compilation release since its inception back in. Featuring four uncompromising anthems from heavyweight producers The Mover, The Hacker, Minimum Syndicat and the label owner Umwelt, in this collectible 2x10" breaks the boundaries between 90's Rave and Doom styles sets and offers an ex-plosive limited edition. Bangers and Dj tools for connoisseurs only!
Within five years, Rave Or Die has made a solid reputation of Rave music purveyor thanks to a recognizable artistic line, a brilliant catalog of producers and a proper format (10inch only!). With releases from the like of Sunil Sharpe, Minimum Syndicat, Chris Moss Acid, Voiron, Drvg Cvltvre, and of course ROD mastermind Umwelt, ROD sets the standard of future classics. Since 2012, the French label redefines a musical genre born three decades ago. Who said the 90's were behind us?

Label: Rave Or Die
Cat#: ROD08
Artists: The Mover, Minimum Syndicat, The Hacker, Umwelt
Format: EP, 4 x Tracks, Vinyl
Artwork by The Beyonder aka Nexus 6

A. The Mover - Invisible Space (Remastered 2017) - 7:22
B. Minimum Syndicat - Battle Dress - 5:03
C. The Hacker - Wave Of Darkness - 6:07
D. Umwelt - Hooverrun - 5:23

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