Sunday, May 14, 2017

[SOP 035-1417] Hidden Rooms - Pattern

There should be a Hidden Room in every house – and definitely every techno-minded household should have a copy of this fine collection: Eleven tracks culled from the five Hidden Rooms EPs that have appeared on Spirit of Progress and ZUUR between 2013 and 2017 – plus eight digital-only bonus cuts.
Re-encounter the streak of HR techno bangers that come in flawless sound quality with an analogue feel: Firm beats, melodic hooks, washes of acid sounds – you know the drill. “Pattern” as a whole is as topical as you could think it up for 2017, with a perfect balance of underground grit and slick groove perfectly in sync with the techno Zeitgeist: A fine anthology of the Hidden Rooms project, which is more than just a sidekick to Maurice Pinkster’s The Relic and Cubic Nomad aliases, but proven as much a serious concern as those.
While the scarce CD is an attractive collector’s item in slick minimal design, the digital version contains remixes for the likes of Carnage & Cluster, Energetic-X and Bombardier, collaborations with Toysfornoise and The Peoples Republic of Europe a.o., so let’s talk about value for money!

Label: Spirit Of Progress
Cat#: SOP 035-1417
Artist: Hidden Rooms
Format: Album, 11 x File, Digital
Released: 01 June 2017
Written & Produced by Maurice Pinkster
Mastering by Da Goose Music
Designed by R23 / Room 23 Music

01. Lucifer - 5:54
02. Dark Essence - 5:56
03. Acid Formula - 7:40
04. Surreal Space - 5:33
05. Inside A Dream - 7:47
06. Daylight Hallucinations - 6:01
07. Origin - 8:29
08. The Tangent Universe - 6:37
09. Specimen - 9:26
10. A Storm Is Coming - 6:19
11. Black - 8:34

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