Friday, May 19, 2017

[SOP 033-1317] Symbolic Death - Negative Leader

After a track on Dancefloor Killer and remixes for Antistatic and Kallkällan it’s time for French producer Symbolic Death’s solo release: Five tracks in glistening production value offering some nice and welcome variation.
While „Suze“ can be considered the industrial techno peak time centerpiece of the EP, the rest works with some different aspects – a coherent fusion of doom and acid („Negative Leader“), a stampede of crossover rhythmic noises („Combo“), trickling space atmospheres („Tspark 11“) and a buildup with melodic grandeur (Saga“).
Pure delight with an extra dash of darkness!

Label: Spirit Of Progress
Cat#: SOP 033-1317
Artist: Symbolic Death
Format: EP, 5 x File, Digital
Released: 19 May 2017
Written & Produced by B. Cullet
Mastering by Symbolic Death
Designed by R23 / Room 23 Music

1. Negative Leader - 8:36
2. Combo - 6:33
3. Suze - 6:47
4. Tspark 11 - 8:57
5. Saga - 5:44

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