Saturday, September 16, 2017

[SOP 036-1317] Corner - Technical Religion

Corner keeps the releases coming steadily now: After the hard-hitting Dark. Descent. release for the 2017 summer, he now ventures into the industrial section of the techno area.
With an adventurous kick-off, “Neural Preacher” and “Faith Mechanism” are a headstrong affair with mind-boggling irregular beat patterns and eerie sound design, before “Math of Truth” brings in straighter patterns and dense atmospheres – and “DNA God” calls for the big, club-conquering finale. If you appreciate your tunes to go deeper than just 4/4, this is for you!

Label: Spirit Of Progress
Cat#: SOP 036-1317
Artist: Corner
Format: EP, 4 x file, Digital
Released: 16 September 2017
Mastered, Written & Produced by Viktor Mihetko
Designed by R23 / Room 23 Music

1. Neural Preacher - 5:38
2. Faith Mechanism - 5:38
3. Math Of Truth - 5:54
4. DNA GOD - 5:32

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